Non-Surgical Procedures

When it comes to reversing the signs of facial aging or enhancing your appearance, plastic surgery procedures undoubtedly offers the most long-term results. However, plastic surgery doesn’t appeal to everyone. Whether you just can’t afford the downtime and recovery or are hesitant to undergo a surgical procedure, there are countless non-invasive alternatives that can still help you reclaim your youth. Dr. Siddiqui is proud to offer a full menu of non-surgical cosmetic treatments in our Folsom facility, including those that produce dramatic results with little or no downtime.

In order to provide the safest, most comfortable and most effective non-surgical procedures, Dr. Siddiqui stays at the forefront of his field. Our plastic surgery center is equipped with advanced technology and the latest products available to ensure you obtain the ideal outcome you deserve.

Whether you prefer to achieve your ideal look without going under the knife or want to compliment a previous plastic surgery procedure, Dr. Siddiqui will carefully explain your non-surgical options and tailor a treatment plan just for you. Your skin type, aging patterns and personal goals are always carefully considered when undergoing any of our non-surgical procedures. At our modern facility, patients are given a rewarding and comfortable experience every time.

To learn which non-invasive facial plastic surgery procedures can benefit you, please contact our office today. We take pride in helping patients turn back the hands of time with minimal sacrifice to their schedule, wallet and comfort.

Non-Surgical Procedures

Varicose veins are dilated and “ropy” appearing vessels that bulge under the skin. More than 30 million people are affected by varicose veins or chronic venous insufficiency (CVI) in the U.S. with only 1.9 million seeking treatment annually leaving the vast majority undiagnosed and untreated. Without treatment those with the disease may experience progressive symptoms, such as swollen legs, skin damage and/or ulcers that can be debilitating and significantly impact their quality of life. Fortunately, with proper treatment, that outcome is preventable.

Risk Factors for Varicose Veins

The following risk factors increase the chance of developing varicose veins:

*Heredity                                *Prolonged standing

*Female gender                     *Multiple pregnancies

*Increasing age                      *Heavy lifting

*Obesity                                  *Prior blood clots

Causes of Varicose Veins

Your legs are made up of a network of veins.  A healthy vein contains valves which open and close to assist the return of blood to the heart.  Varicose veins are caused by damaged or diseased valves, which result in backward flow of blood in your legs, a condition known as Venous Reflux or Venous Insufficiency.  This can cause blood to pool in your legs and lead to the symptoms associated with varicose veins.

Venous reflux is a condition that is progressive.  If left untreated, it can worsen and cause more advanced symptoms such as skin changes and even ulcers.  Most varicose veins are associated with saphenous vein reflux.  Eliminating the saphenous vein will help relieve the symptoms, eradicate current varicose veins, and prevent future varicose veins.

Evaluation of Varicose Veins

Varicose veins should be evaluated by a physician who understands venous disease and is experienced with the current technologies available to treat venous disease.  The evaluation will involve a history and physical examination along with an ultrasound study.  Identifying which veins are abnormal with the ultrasound is extremely important.  Treatment of varicose veins without identifying the incompetent vessel causing the problem can result in a high recurrence of more varicose veins.  Most insurance companies will cover the initial evaluation.

Spider veins are small red and/or blue vessels that you can easily see but don’t usually feel on the surface of the skin.  They are usually asymptomatic, but some can cause symptoms such as itching or throbbing. Spider veins that are directly associated with saphenous vein reflux, will have a high rate of recurrence if the saphenous vein is not treated.  In some instances, saphenous vein ablation would be necessary before treatment of the spider veins.

But most patients will only need local spider vein treatment, which involves sclerotherapy.  Sclerotherapy is performed by injecting the spider veins with a chemical that locally destroys the spider veins.  It is usually a simple procedure, but can lead to discoloration of the skin and in rare cases skin ulceration.

Although effective, sclerotherapy treatments usually require several sessions for desired outcomes.  Spider vein treatment is usually not covered by insurance.

The state-of-the-art, FDA-cleared Silhouette InstaLift can be an ideal procedure for individuals interested in renewing their facial appearance without surgery. While other non-surgical facial rejuvenation treatments can be advantageous for renewing mild to moderate signs of facial aging and serve as effective options for the right patient, the Silhouette InstaLift is capable of lifting deeper layers of skin in the mid-facial area and can often yield more dramatic results. The innovative Silhouette InstaLift technique offers a very natural-looking outcome with long-lasting results.

What Does the Silhouette InstaLift Procedure Involve?

If the Silhouette InstaLift procedure is the ideal treatment for your goals, our doctor will create a customized treatment plan designed to enhance your skin and improve facial contours. The Silhouette InstaLift involves the placement of dissolvable bidirectional “cones” carefully sutured to subcutaneous facial tissues in the areas targeted for treatment. The sutures lift the skin to a new, more youthful position, helping to reduce common signs of aging in the mid-facial region. Harmlessly absorbed by the body over time, these special sutures aid in stimulating the production of natural collagen.

The Silhouette InstaLift is an outpatient procedure that typically requires the use of a local anesthetic as opposed to general anesthesia. Most treatments take only about 45 minutes to complete and many patients are able to resume normal daily routines the same day.

What About Recovery from the Silhouette InstaLift Treatment?

One of the top benefits of the Silhouette InstaLift procedure is that it requires little to no downtime for most patients. Some bruising and mild swelling can be expected following treatment; however, these effects should quickly fade.

What Is CO2 Laser Resurfacing?

We offer fractional CO2 laser resurfacing. Our treatment systems are one-time treatments with minimal downtime. They can be done in the office with a topical anesthetic. They reduce wrinkling and fine lines, improve skin tone and texture, reduce hyperpigmentation, and stimulate new collagen growth which helps to revitalize the skin. The procedure takes about 45 minutes.

A new laser therapy treatment is making it possible to sculpt away the fine lines and unsightly spots of aging. The key? By causing low-level damage to the skin, micro-beams actually promote collagen growth, causing the skin to repair itself.

Millions of Americans seek relief from the effects of an aging complexion: fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, and uneven skin tone. However, for today’s more active population, the prolonged healing time involved with conventional laser or facelift surgery is not appropriate.

What Is the Process for CO2 Laser Resurfacing?

A single treatment with the UltraPulse® Encore™ provides dramatic and immediate results, unlike other non-invasive technologies that treat wrinkles and spots individually or gradually over time. Resurfacing with the UltraPulse® Encore™ does more than soften the appearance of imperfections; it can actually eliminate evidence of sun damage and aging, providing a comprehensive and long-lasting approach.

Patients are seeing numerous improvements in the quality of their skin with less downtime and excellent results. The beauty of this technology can achieve a refreshed, youthful looking face with less cost, risk, and recovery time than conventional cosmetic surgery or deep laser resurfacing.

UltraPulse® Encore™ featuring CO2 Lite™ was developed in response to a growing trend toward less invasive resurfacing procedures. The UltraPulse® Encore™ is the first new CO2 laser to be introduced by Lumenis Ltd. since the introduction seven years ago of the UltraPulse® 5000C, widely regarded in the industry as the gold standard for laser facial resurfacing.

Can vaginal revitalization help me?

Vaginal revitalization is a treatment designed to help women who have concerns about their most intimate area. There are a number of challenges that can rob women of their vaginal health and vitality, including:

  • Childbirth
  • Hormonal changes, including menopause
  • Certain medications
  • Autoimmune disease
  • Obesity

Ultimately, any of these instances can lead to changes in vaginal well-being, including:

  • Laxity
  • Dryness
  • Painful intercourse

Either together or individually, these changes can take a toll on a women’s self-confidence, sex life, and overall well-being. That’s why Dr. Siddiqui offers vaginal revitalization to her patients.

What is vaginal revitalization?

Vaginal revitalization is a noninvasive treatment designed to restore the health of your vagina with a pain-free procedure Dr. Siddiqui performs at her office in an hour or less.

During vaginal revitalization, Dr. Siddiqui uses a device that sends ultrasound and radiofrequency energy into your vaginal tissue. This stimulates the production of new collagen, a protein that helps your vagina stay tight and elastic.

Because this treatment supports the production of a new network of collagen in the vaginal area, it has the power to restore your vaginal health.

What should I expect during my vaginal revitalization treatment?

During your treatment, Dr. Siddiqui moves the vaginal revitalization device over the tissue she wants to treat. Many treatments will involve inserting a wand into your vagina, so the treatment can deliver deeper-reaching transformation. The procedure is designed to be pain-free.

It’s also quick. Most vaginal revitalization treatments take just 30 minutes or less. What’s more, because the treatment is so noninvasive, you won’t need any recovery time and can continue on with your day immediately after your appointment.

Dr. Siddiquiperforms 3-5 treatments — with waiting periods in between based on Dr. Siddiqui’s recommendations — to drive even greater vaginal revitalization. Dr. Siddiqui will talk with you about your goals before you start treatment, so she can develop a treatment plan tailored to your wants and needs.

If you’ve experienced unwanted vaginal changes, Dr. Siddiqui can help you reverse them. 

Hormones control virtually all of the functions of the body. This includes your immune, reproductive, and metabolic systems as well as your mental and physical health. As you grow older, your hormone levels slowly decline, and you begin to lose your energy, vitality, and health — something conventional medicine has always led us to believe could not be altered. It was regarded as an inevitable part of the natural deterioration that takes place during the aging process.

However, there is a growing change in how physicians practice medicine. As science has advanced, medical professionals realize they now have the tools to enhance the quality of life by slowing down the aging process and preventing deterioration through hormone replacement.

Although nothing will reverse the natural aging process, the attempt is to have a more graceful and gradual transition, improving on some of the symptoms associated with old age. Replacing all of our deficient hormones — thyroid, testosterone, estrogen, progesterone, and DHEA — to levels you had in your youth is proving to be beneficial to both your health and quality of life in later years.

This exciting revolution in science and medicine identifies hormone replacement as preventative medicine. It does not simply accept that diseases such as heart disease, stroke, cancer and senility are all part of the normal aging process. It does not accept the fact that your health, appearance, and function must rapidly deteriorate as you grow old.

Instead, physicians have realized with optimal hormone supplementation there is a new paradigm of preventative medicine allowing your body to remain strong, healthy and vigorous. By maintaining your hormone levels in a youthful state, you can prevent both the illnesses and the symptoms of aging. You can stay resilient, enabling you to cope with the everyday stressors of life.

For many years, medicine has recognized the health benefits of replacing these deficient hormones; however, for most physicians, synthetic hormones were the only option. Now it is possible to produce natural hormones or bioidentical (human identical) hormones, which match in every way those produced by the body. Most hormones can be derived from plants such as soy and yams. Now, we have grown to understand that synthetic hormones are chemically different to those found naturally in the body, and can cause a variety of side effects — even cancer.

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